LOQ Revisited — Part 2: Lego My Ego

The fundamental requirements of my concept were that it should appear to be another interesting and useful IoT product, but could also harbour unsettling connections behind the interface which could be explored by a diverse group. I wanted something that would initially please and then unsettle, but I also wanted it to be practical enough for people to be able to defend it and overlook any compromises.

In Ireland, a housing crisis was beginning. Many had not noticed it yet, but many others, on lower incomes, were beginning to feel the burn.

In the digital realm, people were starting to really question privacy and concerns were being raised about data collection. The realities of using a ‘free’ service like facebook were beginning to dawn on its users, and Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” motto was starting to tarnish.

Alongside the aforementioned Water Charges fiasco, were a government tried to push through a questionable initiative in the face of open protest and corruption concerns, a design began to form…

The Smart Home was returning from the cold and represented a new, and invasive, frontier for the tech giants to conquer in their quest for more data and control. This would be where I would position my product, a Smart Lock with more features than could possibly be imagined (…or good for you).

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