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BOM (Birmingham Open Media)
« on: September 18, 2017, 11:05:49 AM »

BOM (Birmingham Open Media) is forging a new model of radical practice at the intersection of art, technology and science with measurable social impact.

By making sustained investment in a community of Fellows and developing strategic projects and partnerships, we test pioneering ideas that investigate the transformative value of the arts across education, health and society.

BOM is proactively addressing barriers to cultural participation, by connecting world-class practitioners with activist research and communities.

We are born from hacker culture. But unlike other hackspaces that are filled with tools and operate on a membership model, our building foregrounds public engagement with a free gallery and events space, and supports a curated community of practitioners to deliver our aims.

BOM is funded through a mixture of public and private partnerships. Our gallery is an evolving space filled with residencies, exhibitions and shared learning. This provides a critical, collaborative environment and an open forum for debate with public audiences for developing work during the R&D stage.

We believe that the arts should value participation over all else, and that investing in the right people with the right support is key to developing transformational practices that enable society to fully participate in culture.

We ground our unique vision on an assertion of people, practice and participation:

Invest in People
Create Practice
Re-think Participation