Superflux: Open Informant

badge_web4_0Open Informant is a project from 2013, by Superflux.

It’s a badge which searches through your emails, and other comms, and redisplays them with highlights relating to NSA search phrases.

A nice commentary/reaction to surveillance and how this kind of heavy-handedness can take things completely out of context and normalise another chilling effect on free speech.

Also, a very elegant design.

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Researching Design Methodologies: Critical, Adversarial, etc.


Welcome to the new YANB 2015. I ran this domain as a new media art blog for one year back in 2005, and then forgot about it. Now that I’m partly through a Masters in Interactive Media at the University of Limerick, I’ve decided to resurrect the site as my┬ádesign research blog.

It won’t be a straight design blog. I’m exploring areas like:

Speculative Design
Critical Design
Design Fiction
Design Futures
Radical Design
Interrogative Design
Design for Debate
Adversarial Design
Discursive Design
Political Design

So, I’m going to use this site to write about and explore any interesting design and art that I stumble across in my research. A notebook for me, and a collection for you.