Camera Restricta: More disobedient technology

Camera Restricta by Phillipp Schmitt is a 3D printed augmented smartphone which stops the user from taking photographs of an area that has had too many pictures taken of it already.

Having seen the huge clusters of geotagged photographs surrounding tourist hotspots, it’s refreshing to think of a visual recording device which forces the user to seek out the road less travelled to find places which haven’t been digitally ‘appreciated’ so much. Perhaps it would also make the user reflect on why they have such a need to record and share all of their experiences and to, maybe, just be in the space and not feel obliged to record.

The next iteration could be a camera app which uses facial recognition to force the user to stop taking pictures of the same faces; restricting selfies and making the photographer seek out new subjects (and/or friends). Knowing that the camera could reject a face, would make pictures more thoughtful and meaningful.


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