Paper: What is “Critical” About Critical Design?

Critical DesignHere’s a link to an interesting paper which is taking a good hard look at Dunne & Raby’s interpretation of Critical Design.

The authors, Jeffrey Bardzell and Shaowen Bardzell, see these methods as being important to contemporary HCI research and are striving to define its qualities and apply them to recent designs. While most of the paper is devoted to specifying and reformulating Critical Design, not so much effort is put into applying this to practise, with only two short examples.

On the other hand, they make excellent points about the differences between art and design, especially in a critical and activist sense, and also show how design may infiltrate more reliably.

Nevertheless, it does explore and create some interesting tools and perspectives to help me in my current mission/obsession in reevaluating every design I see…

Frankfurt School


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